ERRASMUS MUNDUS is a program of “errorist de-education”. It aims at the transmission of common knowledge based on the cooperation between individuals and groups that get together in a trans-disciplinary
and trans-generational way.


Image: No Work/ No Shop, at la Casita Colectiva ( The Collective House), this laboratory was created in cooperation with the artist collective "La Araña Galponera". Mendoza, Argentina. 2013.

It develops, exchanges and carries out experiences of de-education, with the purpose of allowing individuals of different ages, social classes, disciplines, territories and interests to share experiments (experiences) of art and life based in common needs discovered on the platform of those exchanges: they can be brief experiences or long-term projects.


Image:"Falso/Positivo" ( False/ Positive) acción in front of Palacio de Nariño the goverment Palace of Colombia. This action was against the impunity of the state crimes against farmers and guerrillas, the performance  was realized together with several students of several universities of Bogota. This "No Work/ No Shop" was thank to the collaboration of  Experimenta Colombia Festival "Comunidad, Comunismo" (Comunism and Community), 2009.

ERRASMUS is internationalist and nomadic; it covers different forms, territories and periods of time, by means of laboratories, ephemeral experiences, works, actions or manifests, and it aims at the creation of temporary platforms for action.