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Music Error, is a playlist selected by Ana Tijoux, a caothic mixtape of musical emotions and error lyrics "... That's why I'm day laborer, is why I'm not politicking" is the refrain of "Cochinito" the first song chosen by the errorist singer  Ana Tijoux, performed by the group "Los Jornaleros del Norte".

From there she errs to the voices of Buika, then continues with “Mujer” of Amaparo Ochoa and  Los Cojolines with its theme "Black Moon". In the middle the song "We Are All errorists" inspired by the First Manifesto of the International Errorista, it perches on this list as a bridge between musical styles that will result in an ER-RRRO-R continuous. Near the end of the playlist, the issue of the chilean SubVerso "Who is the terrorist."


 Ana Tijoux is a singer, music, MC, lyricist, Errorist and composer Chilean rap.


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