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Posted by DANIELA ORTIZ over 3 years

2025 7007

Jus Sanguinis is the racist regime that establishes that only the babies that have Spanish blood are recognized as subjects with the right to the nationality at the moment of the birth. In this way, the sons and daughters of migrant people that are born in the Spanish territory inherit their parents nationality as well as their legal status. This babies are not recognize as spanish citizens. This is how minors who are racialized are put under the violence of the Immigration laws since they are born. 

All the member state countries of the European Union have been changing their laws in relation to the rights of the ones who are born in this territories in a way that the right of soil, the right to the nationality by the place of birth, the Jus Soli, is not applied in any of the european union countries. 

We need to dismantle the myth created by the first class citizens, we need to dismantle the lies built from their position of privilege:

The daughters and sons of migrant people do not have direct access to the spanish nationality, do not have access to european nationalities. The daughters and sons of migrants inherit the legal status of their parents. The daughters and sons of migrants can be catalogued automatically as “ilegal immigrants” by the racist and colonial laws.