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Or, how overcoming our greatest error involves confronting our greatest terror, and vice versa 

In the graduate program where I teach, we often ask our students to propose successive lists of keywords to help them name the intuitions that motivate their research agendas. At first, the words tend to be unadventurous, conforming to a received horizon of expectations — a kind of residual fear of using the “wrong word” leads to the error of falling prey to lexical hegemony — but by slowly digging beneath the dominant vocabulary, they invariably come upon slightly new ways of talking better suited to their tasks and desires. Lexical errancy of this kind has a heuristic effect and the word lists often end up being quite surprising. Recently, one young researcher proposed a list containing the following words: Millenarianism, Faith, Celestial Jerusalem, Rainbows, Stars, Hope, Revolution… Odd as they seem at first glance, the words don’t so much delineate a field of research as open a horizon and point to something far beyond. Such terms name a horizon that we — secular leftist intellectuals — have mistakenly given up on. Hence the relative discomfort we feel when we hear tell of Millenarianism or Celestial Jerusalem (except of course it comes from a Jehovah’s Witness). We have given up, no doubt erroneously, on any and all forms of transcendence, which we have come to associate, not without some justification, with the most iniquitous predatory projects (colonialism, exploitation, and so on) at the heart of which transcendence functioned as a kind of metaphysical palliative. But not only have we made transcendence a bad word; worse still, we have replaced it by a form of “pure immanence,” which, having no anchor point in our Western tradition, has ended up playing the role of an inverted transcendence. The pure immanence of possessive individualism, and the system of accumulation that is inseparable from it, have imposed themselves, through the collapse of any horizon, as the abyssal immanence of consumerism.


Which accounts, to some extent, for our despondency, our sense of inadequacy and hopelessness. We have allowed ourselves to be dispossessed of the transcendent horizon we need if we are to undertake anything of consequence; one might even say that we have ourselves scuppered a burden that we felt was just too much to bear. But do such keywords and other symptoms of our situation imply that God is back in town? Not necessarily. It seems less like a return to institutional religiosity (be it fundamentalist, evangelical, or whatever) than simply the progressive acknowledgement of our need for a transcendent horizon, and conversely of the extreme powerlessness that comes from yielding any and all transcendent initiative to the adversary. For it can scarcely be denied that the most dynamic sectors of capitalism (those that are the most innovative in terms of their modes of accumulation) have absolutely never lost their millenarianist faith. Capitalism continues to read its destiny in the stars. Literally.

Take the case of space exploration. While the global left busies itself with saving the planet and fighting injustice down here on Earth, with neither faith nor hope in its ability to accomplish such tasks on the scale that it itself acknowledges to be necessary, the most powerful decision-makers of global capitalism are aiming at other horizons that nourish their galactic imaginations: Larry Page (Google), Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Jeff Garzik (Bitcoin), Robert Bigelow (Budget), and Elon Musk (SpaceX, Tesla Motors) all agree with the latter when he regularly proclaims that while humanity was born on Earth it was never destined to die here, asserting his view that it is of some urgency to come up with a plan-B. Musk funnels a good portion of the revenue from one of his enterprises, Tesla Motors, into financing his project to “colonize” the planet Mars by this century’s end with a colony of some one million people. As he puts it with his usual panache, he himself hopes to die on Mars, just not on impact… The Left is not unfounded in recognizing such astronomical megalomania as the height of social irresponsibility — and the word “social” hardly cuts it, since we are talking about a sort of extraterrestrial irresponsibility — but condemns itself to despondency when it satisfies itself with merely denouncing the initiative on the basis of its arsenal of Earth-immanent values, which lack any purchase whatsoever on a dream of this order.

The error — and we’re talking about an error of properly astronomic proportion — is that the Left wants nothing to do with this Celestial Jerusalem! On the face of things — endemic social injustice, grossly skewed distribution of wealth — that sounds and feels like a reasonable enough position to take; after all, the expression “Celestial Jerusalem” almost seems to denounce itself as preposterous. But in a more fundamental sense, why “on Earth” should we allow ourselves to be dispossessed of the Milky Way just as we have allowed ourselves to be dispossessed of other transcendent horizons? What is at stake — or ought to be — is the democratization of the Universe; we need, as it were, to Occupy the Galaxy!

The reality is this: in 2014, the United States’ Congress voted the bipartisan Asteroids Act, subsequently signed by President Obama, in order to promote the right of United States commercial entities to explore and utilize resources from asteroids in outer space, in accordance with the existing international obligations of the United States, free from harmful interference, and to transfer or sell such resources.” The objective was to authorize American mining enterprises to exploit the mineral resources (and in particular platinum-group metals and what are known, ironically, as “rare earth”) found on those small and middle-sized celestial bodies known as asteroids. So to whom does space and the celestial bodies found there actually belong? Whereas the 1967 United Nations Outer Space Treaty forbids nations and private organizations from claiming territory on celestial bodies or in interstellar space (let alone colonizing them), the Treaty is more ambivalent as to whether the exploitation of their natural resources would be allowed, and if so, on what terms. Signed by over ninety countries at the height of the space race and two years before the first lunar landing, the Treaty explicitly rejected the notion that celestial bodies fall under the legal principle of res nulliusmeaning that outer space was empty territory that could be claimed for a nation through occupation. It forbade the national appropriation by claim of sovereignty, by means of use or occupation, or by any other meansof outer space. The Treaty does not forbid usership or occupation of space — indeed providing a legal framework for the usership of space is precisely its aim —, but clearly distinguishes them from its ownership. Nor is the Treaty purely restrictive. It also has a positive requirement for extraterrestrial conduct: The exploration and use of outer space,” it declares, “shall be carried out for the benefit and in the interests of all countries, irrespective of their degree of economic or scientific development, and shall be the province of all mankind.

Now that is a decidedly anthropocentric conception of the universe! But the point is well taken, and as a side note was indeed taken up in 1970 by the Argentine delegate to the UN Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, who proposed to legally designate outer space and its resources as “the common heritage of mankind.” The glaring anthropocentric bias notwithstanding, from today’s perspective — as we witness a regained interest in space travel — it would be worth knowing more about what instructions the Argentine delegate had been given (in the midst of so-called Revolución Argentina military rule) to make a proposal clearly devised to preempt any American or Soviet “space grab,” and give legal grounding to the peaceful international governance of the galactic commons. As space researcher Nick Levine has persuasively argued, “as the space economy grows relative to the terrestrial one, social dividends from a Galactic Wealth Fund could provide the basis for a truly universal basic income.

Just what are we talking about when we talk about the “space economy”? Deep Space Industries, a leader in the space-mining sector, has estimated the mined value of a single asteroid at some 193 billion dollars… And since outer space doesn’t — or didn’t use to — fall under a regime of ownership but of free usership by “mankind,” or even life-kind as a whole, that should sound like an exciting prospect.


But because the Left considers that space exploration does not fall within its progressive purview, or feels that the whole notion is just far too extravagant, we find ourselves witnesses to the steady privatization of the Milky Way. Here the error is colossal, for the legal frameworks governing the development of Celestial Jerusalem (just look at the disaster of terrestrial Jerusalem!) will have enormous consequences on how wealth is distributed throughout our galaxy and beyond. Why not advocate for a galactic democracy, where the benefits of the stellar economy are equitably distributed? For now, the Left’s refusal to take up transcendent initiatives of any kind — indeed the Left’s terror at the very thought — means that we have in effect given up the celestial commons to Capital, which will waste no time in universalizing, literally, in the firmament the same practices of accumulation that have done such damage down here on Earth.

Again, it should be borne in mind that in the 1960s, at the height of the space race and in the run-up to landing on the moon, extraterrestrial politics were not seen as an escapist distraction: in the 1970s, fighting for the celestial commons was one of the pillars of the non-aligned movement and other actors within the global South for a more equitable economic order. If, today, extraterrestrial economic justice sounds like some kind of obsolete futurism, that is partly because we have banished every last trace of transcendent vocabulary from our political lexicon — sublimating it into our horizon of pure immanence where it remains active beneath the surface —, and seem to fear that even if we were to reintroduce it, we would lack the wherewithal to fulfill our hopes and expectations. After all, doesn’t escaping the Earth’s gravitational capture require a level of capitalization which is simply beyond our means? Vanquished by this defeatism, we have come to content ourselves with denouncing instead of taking initiatives. It is high time that we extricate ourselves from the terrestrial immanence in which we have become mired, and if indeed it is still necessary that we denounce something, let it be the alien capitalism that has taken over our lifeworlds and subjugated most everything within them! Upon what kind of extraterrestrial and colonial enterprise does capitalism ultimately impose its name? To answer that question, we need to invert the horizon and change scale, asking ourselves a different question: to what community of usership do the galactic commons ultimately lend their name?


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