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Posted by Diego Sztulwark over 3 years

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Sometimes it seems...

Sometimes it seems
we are at the center 
of the party.
at the center of the party
there is nobody.
At the center of the party
there is emptiness.

But in the center of emptiness
there is another party.

Roberto Juarroz


Emergency! It is the choked shout of a life that unmultiplies in zones of adaptation and comfort and zones of suffering and rage. Is it all about learning to control our passions? Isn't precisely this power of auto-regulation what we have been stripped of? Isn't this last chapter, about the individual and community subjective dispossession, what we basically call neoliberalism? Is there a possible politics without questioning this disappropriation that makes us governable, without appropriating ourselves of a collective passion autonomy?

In the split between regime of opinion and affective dispossession, the register of the contemporary political is in play. The political considered more as a means of emotional socialization than as a revision of our machine servitude. Even when the political causes enthusiasm. And out of the question when it is depressing.

Taken by that swinging, in Argentina -after a period of considerable enthusiasm- we hear some people talking about “resistance”. The first historical memory that word evokes is the worker resistance, firstly anarchist or Irigoyenist[1], and then mainly Peronist[2], during the sixties. That resistance, however, was developed inside a repressive paradigm, while present powers, although they have never abandoned repression or the perfection of their means, operate in a productive and mobilizing way –modulating ways of life positively. What can it mean, in this context, the notion of resistance?

The neoliberal transaction doesn't occur without subjective profit (in terms of consumption, of freedom, access to services and information). This profit is the main obstacle for a politics of transformation based on a will for change. Can the resistance, to the normalization of life and of politics that we experience, be vital without being political? Can it also be political without being vital? And how could politics, being what it is, link to the challenging vital?

The first thing is, then, to clarify this notion of the vital, which neoliberalism reclaims for itself in terms of enjoyment and mobilization, and that the resistant cannot conceive but as a persistent non-adaptation. The neoliberal is the effort to spread codes of adaptation. The resistant takes distance from that effort; it resists the call to love the chains. Without that resistance, vitality is not created. It is simply consumed.

Hans Fallada has written, in 1946, a book about the resistance: Every Man Dies Alone or Alone in Berlin (Jeder stirbt für sich allein)[3]. A couple of workers (the Quangels) who stick to the Nazi way of life prevailing during the years '40 to '42. A simple life, without questions about the fate of those who have fallen out of favor.



Image:Portrait of Elise and Otto Hempel.

A day like many others, the Quangels receive a letter that communicates them the death of their only child in the battlefield. Shock overtakes both of them. Then, silence. Days of silence. Of work, routine and silence. Days that incubate a transformation of unexpected significance. Otto, the husband, starts writing a postcard addressed to the killing machine of the Third Reich: “Mother: The Führer has murdered my son…” Anna, his wife, understands that “this very first sentence was Otto's absolute and irrevocable declaration of war”. A war that they will have to fight, “the two of them, poor, small, insignificant workers who could be extinguished for just a word or two, and on the other, the Führer, the Party, the whole apparatus in all its power and glory, with three-fourths or even four-fifths of the German people behind it.”

One day they had a son, the Führer has murdered him and now they write postcards. Postcards that they will leave, weekly, in stairs of buildings where doctors and lawyers live and receive patients and clients. “We will inundate Berlin with postcards”, Otto tells Anna, “we will slow the machines, we will depose the Führer, end the war…”


The old Quangel will continue to be the same foreman in the factory, that “old idiotic” man, “obsessed by work and his squalid avarice”. No one will ever know that in his head there boil ideas that neither his bosses nor the other workers have. “They would die of fright if they carried such thoughts”. The old Quangel has them, and he deceives them all.

And the most postcards they issue, the more they change their ways of perceiving what happens around them. They no longer approve so meekly of the persecution of the Jews that, “as most of the Germans” the Quangels had approved of “deep down”. Now that they have become “enemies of the Führer”, such things come to have a completely different weight and importance.


Image: Postcard, "Hitler's war is the dead of the workers"

What would the Quangels do when they didn't have to write their postcards anymore? Would they find something worth fighting for, wondered Anna, something public and notorious, without so much danger? “There is always danger,” answered Otto, “otherwise it wouldn't be a fight”. Danger is threatening somewhere; he can sense it.  “Danger's not on the doorstep, and not in the writing part. Danger is somewhere else, but I can't think where. We will wake up one day and know it was always there, but we never saw it. And then it'll be too late”.

Danger, Fallada writes, wasn't on the operational details, but in the fact that, like everybody, the Quangels “believed in their hope”. They didn't know that the Geheine Staatspolizei (Gestapo) was capturing almost all their postcards. When the police interrogators asked him how it was possible he believed him, together with Anna, could defeat the Führer's apparatus, Otto answered: “You will never understand it”. “It doesn't matter if it is one who fights or ten thousands; when one realizes one has to fight, one fights, alone or with others. I had to fight, and I'd always do it again, only that in a completely different way”.


 Image: Postcard, " German People wake up"


The story of the Quangels is as real as fictional. Fallada (his real name was Rudolf Ditzen, 1893-1947) gets to it through the Gestapo's archives. His friends of the recently created Cultural League for the Democratic Renewal of Germany, founded in 1945, had offered him the files and proposed him to write a novel about the story of the Hampels (the Quangels). The request was effective only when the writer was convinced of the singularity of the case: “it wasn't an action derived from a conscious political commitment, but from the individual will of two common people with a solitary life”. Some time later, Primo Levi wrote that it was "the greatest book ever written about German resistance to the Nazis".

What can we attribute that importance to? To Fallada's “micro political” narration, that never sacrifices the effective weave between lives and facts to the totalizing ideological judgment? To the capture of a molecular alteration, an affective deviation from the norm that transforms a marriage totally tied to the order into an authentic war machine? To the lesson about the increasing force of the battles moved by an involuntary connection to life, over the fragile strength of the fights based on reasons of theoretical conscience? To the non-aestheticizing way of conceiving the resistant, which doesn't appeal to the ostentation of "the alternative” but makes of the imperceptible variations its most powerful weapon, the one that most radically transforms the existence without, apparently, altering daily life? To the mode in which it asks for a vital challenge as an inner requirement of every action truly resistant, that is, one that creates new habits and perspectives? Perhaps we have to search in another direction: into the de-stereotyping of the resistant the novel puts into play when it discovers, in the mutation of affections that makes one enemy of the order, a breakup that has to be lived without any help from collective forces in which the political could be re-invented, not the “anti political” and the refuge in the individual realm, but the point at which the political itself starts to be missing, it starts to be at fault, and for once it has to bend before the shaken life and abandon its arrogant pedagogy.


Image:Postcard, "Fredoom of press"

The resistance can perhaps take the form of “dark precursors”, those elements that are presumed to be part of the order though they are not: particles that feel about yet nonexistent courses seeking to catalyze an unknown potential, conceiving encounters that refresh new forces. A precursor ethics supposes acting without believing in the order, paying constant attention, even in the dark.


[1] N. del T.: Hipólito Irigoyen was the President of Argentina from 1916 to 1922 and from 1928 to 1930, when he was deposed in a military coup.

[2] N. del T.: Juan Domingo Perón was the President of Argentina from 1946 to 1955, when he was overthrown in a coup d'etat, and from 1973 until his death in 1974 .

[3] Translated by Michael 

 Translation: Fernando Aita,

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