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NOT YOU CANT", 24 DE MARZO 2016.Foto: Nacho Yuchark






Errorist Comrades of the world, welcome to the International Errorist movement's website.

This issue proposes to think and discuss the notions of State of Emergency - State of Exception, not any more as temporary situations but as a constant condition in a permanent state of crisis. We have invited colleagues and collaborators from different countries and disciplines. Most of the texts have been written or edited for this number, and some articles have been adapted or translated specially for their publication on this site.


Image: International Errorist Movement, "People summit", Mar del Plata, 2005.

About the texts and the authors: 

At the beginning of this edition you will find a statement by the Buenos Aires section of the International Errorist entitled "IT'S NOT POSSIBLE", that brings to light the necessity to say "No" and the potential of the negation as an ethical position before the deceitful political discourses of the "yes, we can".

The Italian philosopher and activist Franco Berardi “Bifo” is, among other things, founder of Radio Alice, one of the first free community radios of Italy, created in the sixties. Bifo is an errorist per natura, agitator, collaborator and adviser of the movement since its foundation. His text, Slump, introduces us in the present worldwide economic depression and decline of the political representation. Berardi analyzes the fall of capitalism and the rise of a new wave of neo-Nazism that proliferates in Europe as well as in the United States. 

Wolfgang Kaleck is a German civil rights lawyer, and the General Secretary for the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights in Berlin (ECCHR). In 2006, Wolfgang initiated a lawsuit related to human rights abuses on behalf of eleven Iraqi citizens accused of terrorism, detainees in the prisons of Abu Gharib and Guantánamo. Kaleck sought criminal prosecution charges in a German court against a number of United States officials and military personnel, among them Donald Rumsfeld and former CIA director, George Tenet, and other senior officials at the Pentagon. At present, he is part of the international legal team that works with Edward Snowden. His text The refugees and the Paris attacks was written after the attacks at the Bataclan theater in Paris in November 2015.

A Theory of the Drone is a book by the young French philosopher Grégoire Chamayou. It is about to be published in Spanish by Futuro Anterior Ediciones, who have generously given us the text Analysis of Forms of Life as a preview of the book. On his writing, Chamayou describes how the CIA leads investigations to carry out military actions using unmanned aerial vehicles (drones). A chilling panorama of the absolute loss of civil rights and the total control of our forms of life and our subjectivity.

Diego Sztulwark has studied Political Sciences and Sociology at the University of Buenos Aires; he's a member of Colectivo Situaciones and of the publishing house Tinta Limón. In his text Resistance he invites us to think what the notion of resistance can mean in the present context. He specifically points to those invisible plots that resist the normalization of the vital forms and act where the light seems to be off.

Daniela Ortiz is a Peruvian artist and activist who lives in Barcelona. For some time now, she's been working on the colonial relations that are present in contemporary language. As an activist, she's a fervent collaborator of Espacio del Inmigrante (Immigrants' Space) in Raval. Her text European Values addresses the complex colonial relations between contemporary racism and the so-called Refugee Crisis.

DEMOCRACIA, a Madrid-based artist collective, in response to the call for this issue, wrote A report on repression in Spain, required by the Central Committee of the International Errorist, where they analyze three recent cases of imprisonment for “glorification of terrorism”: the persecution against the book Contra la Democracia (Against Democracy) published by GAC (Coordinated Anarchist Groups), the case of @Aitor_cuervo, who was sentenced to 18-month in prison because of a post on Twitter, and the case of the puppeteers company “Títeres desde abajo” (Puppets from the bottom) who were jailed after a show of the classical play "La Bruja y Don Cristóbal" (The Witch and Don Cristobal), in which the puppets represented the hanging of a judge and the stabbing of a nun.

Ariel Pennisi, Argentine essayist, lecturer, researcher and editor (Editorial Quadrata), collaborates with his text Exception and Desire, in which he deals with the notions of State of Exception and contemporary State of Emergency, linking the latter to an exception that has displaced emergency (urgency) to the economic  (financial) sphere.

Nathaly Jones is a journalist and activist from Chile, director of revista MALA. On her article State of Emergency: brutal state terrorism in Chileshe gives examples and makes it clear how life is in a "democratic" state of exception (that since 1973 has become a constant model) where, by means of laws and decrees, the citizens have been deprived of their rights, the poor and the indigenous have been criminalized, and repressive laws have been passed, which legitimize torture, censorship and constant repression of the Chilean society.

Bruno Nápoli is a historian who has been investigating the links between the last civic-military dictatorship in Argentina and the complicity of companies and financial capital. In his text Emergency of the Unsaidhe analyzes the consequences of the forced disappearance of persons as a triumph of silence and the negation of the possibility of a true historic reconstruction of the figure of the detainee-disappeared, and their absence as the continuity of a permanent state of violence.

Jonas Staal is a Dutch visual artist, who has worked on a PhD research entitled "Art and Propaganda in the 21st Century" at the University of Leiden (the Netherlands), and is the founder of the artistic and political organization New World Summit. In New lines: a parliament for the Rojava revolution,he introduces us in the process of building a parliament (and a stateless democracy) in the Kurdish city of Rojava, in Syria; a process in which the artist together with his organization have participated actively.

Besides the Magazine, the texts, there is a Gallery: in this issue it exhibits images by artist León Ferrari, DEMOCRACIA and Etcetera, an Pictures by Photographers Jean Segura, Flor Mazzadi, Sub Coop, Fernando Lavoz . You will also find the Radio where you can listen to music selected by special guests, artists, musicians, composers, singers and DJs, who collaborate with playlists, songs and tunes in dialog with the content of the website. On this edition we have three special guests: Chilean songwriter Ana Tijoux, Russian artist Nikolay Oleynikov -member of the Chto delat? collective- and Manuel Palacios or DJ Manupa, Argentine journalist, cultural producer and disc jockey.

You'll also find a section of propaganda and agitation related to the movement's actions, with texts, videos and other narratives. Most of these sections are open for communication and exchange of opinions through comments: we hope you'll enjoy the contents of this issue and help us promote this website.



To get in touch with us, propose contents, collaborate with the edition or translations of the site, help to spread the news, or participate in errorist campaigns and actions, email us:

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Posts and links on CBD and Hemp blog: these will provide you with contextual and extremely powerful links that will tell the search engines that your site is very popular in this niche which will force the search engines to rank you up!

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Hi guys

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Scraping your own leads is by far the best way to get fresh and up-to-date leads than buying pre-made vape shop databases and email lists.

If your country is not listed, please order the UK gig if you are based in Europe. For other places, please order the Canada gig.

You will receive an Excel spreadsheet with:

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