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An emergency traverses the Argentine language: if the disappeared disappears, Videla's words win as a project of daily speech; and it is necessary to take direct actions against the posthumous triumph of the dictatorship of the disappearance of persons.  

The Disappearance of persons is the worst crime a State can commit. And there are no antecedents in the whole world of State that makes its own citizens disappear in times of peace, without an armed conflict, without being at war.

The Argentine State subjected all of the population under its responsibility to the systematic disappearance of thousands of its inhabitants, who were selected in state offices, by public servants, on lists written by ministers, secretaries, the military of all ranks, members of intelligence services who employed interrogation under torture against citizens who, after speaking, lacerated ad nauseam due to that physical and psychological torture, most of the time were also disappeared –and just a few hundreds survived to express what has no words: disappearance.

The worst of the crimes, Forced Disappearance, was committed in Argentina between 1973 and 1979, in a systematic, planned and massive way. After these years, it decreased until it stopped (disappearance due to political dissent) in 1983. After that, forced disappearance in Democracy has other causes, more complex and invisible, traumatic, since it affects the most vulnerable social classes (the poor) in their daily lives due to slave labor (unacceptable working conditions, sweatshops), human trafficking (and sexual slavery) and state/political violence.

Image: León Ferrari, NUNCA MÁS.

Forced disappearance of persons in Argentina (which didn't distinguish age, sex, religion, or nationality) had a precise goal: not to mention the disappeared again, as if they had never existed, because they have no possible end (is there a beginning without an end?) and no space in the land to establish their posthumous place, to close a wound in the flesh and the living memory.

Among other possible objectives, to murder somebody means the dead to speak through the corpse, through the wounds that caused its death, making a painful symbolic mirror for the rest of us to look at and, as a reflection of that lifeless mass, to feel fear of the wounds and the blood.

But to make a living person disappear, to abduct them before everyone’s eyes (kidnappings and detentions in Argentina were that way), for them never ever to return, aims at the terror of not knowing, because there are no possible answers (who took them away, where to, why, what happened to them, what have they done to them, have they killed them? and if so, what happened to the body?) and that terror is strengthened with the forced silence, with the impossibility to speak, because we know nothing about them, nothing. Just about a thousand skeletons have been found until now, and not all of them have a name yet. About the rest of them, we don't know where they are, what happened to them, what was their fate… we know nothing.

The main objective of the Disappearance of persons is the end of the words about the disappeared, is the incapability to talk about the disappeared, is to cancel any possibility of historic reconstruction about the disappeared. And if we don't talk about forced disappearance, the dictatorship wins; it wins through the military silence, and the conspiratorial media and civil newspeak about a dirty war; it wins the absolute cancelation of the language about those who were "disappeared", so that there are no traces left. So, we must intervene, erroneously, because it is like groping around to talk about someone who has been “disappeared” for ever (and the symbolic weight of that “for ever” hurts because of their absence), to invent words that speak to us about the negation of the unsaid, about what has been erased from history, about absence, about the litany of what is not present and whose shouts can't be heard climbing the family tree of world genocides, though with a unique addition: the disappearance is for ever, as if the person had never existed, without a written end.

There are no victims of the dictatorship; there are no dead of the dictatorship, there are the Disappeared, the worst condition for a body. Disappeared: the absolute negation of the language on the bodies.

An emergency traverses the surviving bodies, and invites us to the error of talking about what is not, to invent words, to be wrong and to invent again, to name what is not. To name the absence. The only possible state of Emergency is the dispute over this wor

Translation: Fernando Aita,

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